Ready-Made Corsets

Ready-made corsets are no longer stocked by Farthingales Midwest.

For more photos, see our Corset Gallery or view our corsets on Flickr!

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Why wear a corset?

A corset can be worn for many reasons. At Farthingales Midwest we focus on beauty and practicality. Yes, a corset is seen by some to have sexual connotations but no one can deny that more than anything they beautify the body. The shape is appealing to the eye and there is something fascinating about the structure. You will never be missed if you’re wearing a corset but more importantly you will feel great.

  • Wear a corset to be noticed.
  • Wear a corset to feel confident.
  • Wear a corset to get a vintage silhouette and fit a period costume
  • Wear a corset to fit last years dress or this year’s bargain buy
  • Wear a corset to fit into vintage dresses!
  • Wear a corset to support your back
  • Wear a corset to encourage better posture
  • Wear a corset for FUN!
  • Wear a corset for elegance
  • Wear a corset because there is no better way to go strapless!
  • Wear a corset to make a statement.

If you have never owned a corset before and have any concerns about how to put it on by yourself view our Video demonstrating how to get into and out of a corset without assistance.

You may also want to print off our Corset Care information. It explains how to “break your corset in”, clean it and maintain it.


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