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Boning Coils - Hoopsteel 14mm wide, 50 meters

Boning Coils - Hoopsteel #50-8406-14. 14mm (9/16") wide, .6mm thick. Sold in the 50 meter coil.

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Boning Coils - Hoopsteel 10mm wide, 30 meters

Boning Coils - Hoopsteel #50-8406-10. 10mm wide, .5mm thick. Sold in the 30 meter coil.

Covered Boning
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Covered Boning

Notion - Covered Boning. 1/4" plastic flexible boning with 100% cotton cover. Priced per yard.

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Hoop Connectors
Part #: WH-00-8400-11

Hoop Connectors (see more info)

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Hoop Steel Ends
Part #: WH-91-840E-11
Hoop Steel Ends - Priced per pair

Hoop Steel Ends - 91-840E-11 fits all 10mm and 11mm wide steels. Priced/sold per pair.

Whether you're making a farthingale, hoop skirt, cage crinoline, bustle, tutu or even a mascot body, you’ll find a hoop steel product at Farthingales Midwest that will meet your needs. Some people even use our hoop steel to make corsets. We offer the widest selection of hoop steel in North America with several qualities and sizes.

Never made a hoop skirt? Never made bustle? Don't worry, we sell patterns too.

We have cage crinoline patterns, and farthingale patterns, Civil War and hoop skirt patterns and several bustle patterns. They can all be found on our costume & corset pattern page. However, we don't have mascot patterns - but learn how to use our hoop steel and hoop steel connectors and you can probably create your own.

Read our Steel Class to learn more about steel products and how to choose which steel is correct for your project. You'll learn not only about the steel we sell but about other products which work with steel. It's well worth reading and will really help you understand the difference between the many products we stock.

See also Bone Casing Tape, which can be used with hoop steel.


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