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Corset supplies mean anything from corset bones to garters and everything in between from corset fabric to corset laces, busks and grommets. If it’s used in corset building we likely have it! In fact now that we’re working with Vogue Fabrics Store as our distributor you can get anything! Each picture below is a link to that category of items, each link will take you to Vogue Fabrics Store web pages where you can order the corset supply and see related items that you may want or need. AND, you can browse their incredible selection of fabrics, trims, notions and tools so you get all your corset making needs at one place.

Farthingales Midwest’s extensive selection of corset making supplies will fit almost any requirement and any budget.

The list of Corset Making Supplies stocked at Farthingales Midwest include these products:

Please note that clicking a product link on the product pages will take you to the Vogue Fabrics website to place your order. This site will remain open in the background so that you can continue to shop at Farthingales Midwest. All orders placed thropugh this web site will be shipped from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago, Ill.

6mm (1/4") Spiral Steel Bones - Several Lengths 12.5mm (1/2") White Spring Steel Bones - Several Lengths Corset Busk - 13" (33 cm) with 6 knobs Casing Tape for Boning - 1/2" (13mm) wide Corsets - Coutil for Corsets, Brocade
Spiral Bones
& Bone Tips
Steel Corset Bones
aka "White Steel"
or "Spring Steel"
Casing Tape for Boning Fabric, Coutil
Hoopsteel Plastic Bones Grommet Kits Lacing Tape Notions & Tools
  Corset &
Costume patterns
Corset Kits Corset Book  

The above links will take you to all the things you need to make a corset.

The corset bones and spiral bones pages include pictures of various types of corset bones. Spiral bones come in two widths, are grey (metal) in color and the most flexible of all corset bones. Spring steel bones, which are also known as white bones, come in four qualities. We also sell the special “U” shaped tips to fit the ends of bones after you cut them and a Bone Tipping Tool to both cut bones to length and apply the tips! There is also a link to the “How to tip bones with pliers” page. See just what it takes to successfully tip bones without a costly tool. Check out the Tips & Tricks page for lots of helpful instructions.

The busk page offers 4 types of corset busk and all come in a range of sizes. We sell only Wissner Busks and offer the straight busk also called a regular busk with either silver coloured or gold coloured hardware. This means you can buy a gold busk or a silver busk to co-ordinate with your fabric. also stocks the historical and sometimes hard to find Spoon Busk. This is the busk common in the late 1800’s and shaped like a spoon, the “bowl” of the spoon cups over the stomach and the “handle” fits between the breasts. Spoon busks are the most expensive of all the busks but the shaping is worth it for fuller figures. Wide busks are straight busks that are 2 inches wide in total, these are commonly sold to opera companies and women needing more substantial chest support. Some tight lacers also like them for the extra support.

The coutil page contains photographs and information of all our corset fabrics; coutil is fabric specifically for corset making. Coutil is not a type of weave it’s a quality of fabric. We sell herringbone coutil, satin coutil and brocade coutil.

The corset notions page discusses all of the incidental products required for corset building such as tailoring tools and dressmaker pins.

The corset & cotume patterns page includes corset and period costume patterns for both women and men. We stock all of the Laughing Moon patterns; a wider selection will be available in future.

The grommet page has kits with corset sized grommets. We have kits that contain grommets and grommet setting tools. Grommets are available in nickel or in brass finish.


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