Corset Kits

Farthingales Midwest now offers an extensive selection of Corset Kits. Corsets are no longer just historical and a corset can be a great project for the novice stitcher when a kit is used. The corset kits we’ve designed are part of the “Rye and Ginger Kits” project.

Rye and Ginger Corset Kits have been developed jointly by Farthingales Midwest and Vogue Fabrics Store of Illinois. The corset kits are designed to be fairly fast and fun. Each corset kit is themed; meaning you can order a “Pirate Queen Corset Kit” or a “Renaissance Wench Corset Kit” as well as more contemporary corset kits such as a “Simply Silk Corset Kit”. Corset Kits are great way to get started making corsets as all of the materials are included along with instructions. These corset kits do not make serious body sculpting corsets but they will shape you, teach you how to make a corset and create costume and fashion accessories. Check out our corset kits, we’re sure you’ll find one that you want to try!

You’ll find Rye and Ginger Corset Kits at


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