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If you have experience with applying the “U” tips to the ends of spiral and spring steel bones you will understand the value of this machine/tool. The bone tipping machine/tool applies “U” tips neatly, securely and efficiently to both spring steel and spiral steel bones and it can apply both sizes of tips! We began by calling this a “machine” as it is more substantial than a hand tool, but the term “machine” could be misinterpreted as meaning that the process is automated, which it is not. It is a hand press machine and requires power from a person. The terms “machine” and “tool” are used interchangeably on all literature regarding this item.

Designed with the costume shop and custom corset builder in mind these tools (there are two to choose from) were created to simplify the process of tipping bones so that anyone in your shop can do the job and do it well. If you, or your staff, suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or any other disorder affecting the hands one of these machines is a must.

While both machines will tip two sizes of bones they do offer somewhat different options and it is important to read all descriptions to best decide the machine which will suit your purposes and your budget.



This complete set comes with an Arbor Press, Die Mount, Tipping dies for 6mm (1/4”) bones and Tipping Dies for 10mm (7/16”) bones.

NOTE: These dies were engineered to tip OUR steels and we do not guarantee they will work with steels sold by anyone else. Returns of this machine will NOT be accepted.

The bone tipping machine above performs two processes. It both CUTS and TIPS your bones! The arbor press offers substantial strength and this enables you to cut the bones you are working with before tipping them. This involves two steps – one to cut the bones and one to tip the bones and neither process requires much strength on the part of the individual. A real asset to those producing large numbers of corsets as it saves time – which lowers your cost, and it saves your hands which is a long term investment.

Full Instructions are included with the machine.

The dies are sold separately for those of you who already have an Arbor press. The dies have been custom designed and engineered, they are not mass produced but made by one individual, dies are the most expensive part of the product and should be treated with care. Please follow all instructions that accompany them.


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